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  • Ruidael Clouds (In Progress)

    Ruidael Clouds (In Progress)

    A dynamic 3D volumetric rendering on the Web for large data. Created in collaboration with the Ruisdael Observatory at the technical university TUDelft (The Netherlands) Jesus Garcia Gonzalez (The Netherlands eScience Center), and Gijsh van den Oord (The Netherlands eScience Center), Louise Nuijens (TU Delft). Fredrik Jansson (TU Delft) This is a project where we…

  • Carbon Budget Explorer [Design]

    Carbon Budget Explorer [Design]

    Role: UI/UX Designer and Logo CreatorObjective: Enhance user experience with a specific focus on policymakers, ensuring clarity and simplicity without compromising on essential data and context. The Carbon Budget Explorer is an innovative application originally developed by the eScience Center, providing vital insights into the world’s carbon footprint. Recognizing the potential to enhance its utility…

  • Receipt: Horizon 2020 Europen Union

    Receipt: Horizon 2020 Europen Union

    European research project sharing insights on climate change through various narrative approaches.